William Conrad and Charles (Chuck) Webster

"The Clock" was a USA radio horror anthology series that was aired between 1946 - 1948. There was an Australian version of "The Clock" that ran between 1955 - 1956; and also a USA television version of "The Clock" that ran from 1949 to 1952.

It is thought that the show originated in the United Kingdom.

"The Clock" was usually hosted by William Conrad as "The Clock" and occassionally by Charles Webster, also as "The Clock"; with Bill Crego as the announcer.

The principal actors were:
Peggy Allenby
King Calder
William Conrad
Hans Conried
Joe De Santis
Alice Frost
Lamont Johnson
Joseph Kearns
Berry Kroeger
Fran Lafferty
Cathy Lewis
Elliott Lewis
James Monks
Jeanette Nolan
Alice Reinheart
Leora Thatcher
Lurene Tuttle
Charles Webster

The show, that consisted of 82 episodes, was aired by American Broadcasting Company and was first located in New York. The last 13 espisodes were produced in Hollywood.

Whilst in New York, the writer was Lawrence Klee (who also created the show), with director Clark Andrews.
The Hollywood production was directed by William Spier.

The series was a suspense anthology. The Clock was the narrator.

The last 13 episodes of the series were to use scripts from "Suspense and "The Whistler".

Some episodes from the series survived.

Episode 36
The Manicurist
Episode 47
Deadlier Than the Male
Episode 54
Episode 55
Lover Boy
Episode 70
Episode 78
Bad Dreams
Episode 79
Bank Holiday
Episode 80


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