"Journey To The Unknown" was a 1969 hosted US horror/supernatural anthology television movie.

It consisted of two episodes from the UK/USA television series ""Journey to the Unknown"" (1968) - "Matakitas is Coming" (episode 1.3) and "The Last Visitor" (episode 1.9), as four made-for-television movies consisting of twinned episodes along with new segment introduction footage provided by actors Patrick McGoohan, Sebastian Cabot and Joan Crawford serving as hosts, including this one.
The other three telemovies are:
"Journey into Darkness" (1968) - "The New People" / "Paper Dolls": Patrick McGoohan
"Journey to Midnight" (1968) - "Poor Butterfly" / "The Indian Spirit Guide": Sebastian Cabot
"Journey to Murder" (1971)- "Do Me a Favor and Kill Me" / "The Killing Bottle": Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford was born on 23 March 1906 in San Antonio, Texas, USA; and passed away on 10 May 1977 in New York City, New York, USA.

Crawford is a US actor. Starting as a dancer in travelling theatrical companies before debuting on Broadway, Crawford was signed to a motion picture contract by MGM in 1925. Initially frustrated by the size and quality of her parts, Crawford began a campaign of self-publicity and became nationally known as a flapper by the end of the 1920's. In the 1930's, Crawford's fame rivalled MGM colleagues Norma Shearer and Greta Garbo. Crawford often played hard working young women who find romance and financial success. These "rags-to-riches" stories were well received by audiences and were popular with women. Crawford became one of Hollywood's most prominent movie stars and one of the highest paid women in the USA, but her movies began losing money and by the end of the 1930's she was considered box office poison.

After an absence of nearly two years from the screen, Crawford staged a comeback by starring in "Mildred Pierce" (1945), for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. In 1955, she became involved with the Pepsi-Cola Company, through her marriage to company president Alfred Steele. After his death in 1959, Crawford was elected to fill his vacancy on the board of directors but was forcibly retired in 1973. She continued acting in film and television regularly through the 1960's, when her performances became fewer; after the release of the horror film "Trog" in 1970, Crawford retired from the screen. Following a public appearance in 1974, after which unflattering photographs were published, Crawford withdrew from public life.

The following is a clip from this tele-movie:

"Journey To The Unknown" with Joan Crawford - opening from The Professor on Vimeo.


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