V-Man Jim Carlisle Television Blast Off (WRBL-TV)
Val Scary Tom Ryan Television Count Scary (WDIV-TV)
Valdimir Bob Friedl Television Lenny's Inferno (WMTV-TV)
Vampira ? Television Chiller Theater (WQAD)
Vampira ? Television Tales from the Tomb (WSBA)
Vampira Maila Nurmi Direct to DVD/Television The Vampira Show (KABC-TV)
Vampira Returns(KHJ-TV)
Vampira The Movie
Vampira Margaret McGuire Television Shock Theatre (KTRG-TV)
Vampira Phyllis Ranson (Childs) Television Mystery Mansion (KSL-TV)
Shock! (KUTV)
Vampirate ? Live Uncle Davver's Really Scary Movie Show
Vampire Donald Meyers Movie Horror Host
Vampire Kerry Gammill Television Museum of Horrors (KXAS-TV)
Vampire Tim McLaws Television Drive-In Movie Maniacs
Vampire (leaving coffin) Warner Smithers Television Horror, Inc. (KSTP-TV)
Vampire Bob Bob Connor Television Bordello of Horror
Vampire Slayer ? Television Spookaroonies (WJTS-UPN)
Vampire Victoria ? Television
Vampirella Vampirella Comic Vampirella
Vampirisa Tami Whitsett Direct-To-DVD Vampirisa's Velvet Vault Of Horror
Vampiro Ralph Piro Television Nightmare Cinema
Vampon Sarah Martin Charow Television The Sir Graveson Show
Sir Graveson Presents
Vanessa Alexandra Vanessa Alexandra Television AndroidVision (Chop Block TV)
Vanilla White Judy Rae Television Madd Frank Presents (KVRR-TV)
Madd Frank Presents Madd Frank
Vapor Ame Matay Television Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (HSTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (CSMTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (RTN)
Velveeta Bria Petkovich Internet Mistress Peace Theatre
Velvetina Bria Petkovich Internet Mistress Peace Theatre
Vern Vern Television The Midnight Movie
Verry Harry Dennis Calkins Television The Baron and his Buddies (WNYS-TV)
The Saturday Hollywood Special (WNYS-TV)
Vic Scary (aka Count Victor Von Scary) Scott Maus Television Fright Night Cinema (The Vortexx)
Vicki Vixen ? Television The Ned the Dead Show (WACY)
Victor Count Directula ? Televsion Susie D. Rott's Warehouse of Terror (The Monster Channel)
Victor Ives Victor Ives Television Sinister Cinema (KATU-TV)
Sinister Cinema Halloween Reunion special (KATU-TV)
Victor Von Psychotron Nik Havert Television Weird-O-Rama
Victori Belle Tori Clark Television Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics (Kenosha TV)
Victoria Victoria Bathory Television Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics (Kenosha TV)
Victoria Bathory Victoria Bathory Internet Coffin Rock with Victoria Bathory/Victoria's Coffin Rock
Videobob Robert C. Moseley Jr. Television Videobob's Stupid Movie Of The Week (UATV)
Vincent Grimmly Darren T. Knaus Television Night Chills Theatre (Monster Channel)
Vincent Hedges, The Vampire Ken Gibson Television Acri Creature Feature (WQAD), (WEEK-TV), (KLJB-TV / KLJB-DT)
Vincent Karloff Stepan Ianchuk Movie Creature Feature
Vincent Price (Host) Vincent Price Television Escapes
Vincent Price (Host) Vincent Price Direct-To-Video Creepy Classics
Vincent Price (Narrator) Vincent Price Movie
An Evening Of Edgar Allan Poe
Tales Of Terror
Twice-Told Tales
Vincent Price Vincent Price Television
Famous Ghost Stories
The Horror Hall Of Fame
Vincent Van Dahl Jeff Bodean Television Creature Features
Viola Poison Emily Marshall Televsion Baron Von Porkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre
Vito Gold Pete Letkiewicz Internet The Dark Vault of Public Domain (The Vortexx)
Vivacia Brinke Stevens Television ?
Vlad Tsepis Kevin Novotny Television Ghoul A Go-Go (LTV)
Vlademir Pouvnienski ? Television Doctor Mongo's Midnight Movie
Doctor Mongo's Sci-Fi Cinema (WNAC)
Vulnavia Meghan Boots Television Classic Shock Theatre (WTBU)

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