Famous Morris Don Sherman Television Sinister Cinema with Famous Morris (KCOP)
Fang ? Television The Haunted Hotel (Comcast Channel 57 and FIOS Channel 27)
Fang, The Wonder Dog Fang, The Wonder Dog Television Acri Creature Feature (WQAD), (WEEK-TV), (KLJB-TV / KLJB-DT)
Farley Brad Dourif Movie Grim Prairie Tales
Fat Drac Al Sahley Television Friday Night Dead (WVAH-TV)
Feep (voice) Ed T. McDonnell Television Fantasmic Features (WNAC-TV)
Feeperoonies (WNAC-TV)
Fenriz Fatal Joe Sexton Television Horror Dungeon
Ferdy Carl Ames Television Ferdie's Inferno (WMTV-TV)
Ferdy Jack Crowley Television Ferdie's Inferno (WMTV-TV)
Nightshade and Old Lace Theatre (WMTV-TV)
Fidge Ron Huffman Televsion Son of Ghoul Show (WOAC-TV)
Son of Ghoul Show (CAT)
Fish E. Gillman Cameron Karaim Internet Ghouleena's Film Fangtastic
Fitzy Patrick Garner Television The Canned Film Festival (WWOR-TV)
Floating Head (voice) David Allen Television Shock (WKBN-TV)
Floyd Cadaverious Nick Wagoner Television Demented Drive In Theatre (Charter Communications)
Forest Whitaker Forest Whitaker Television The Twilight Zone
Forrest J. Ackerman Forrest J. Ackerman Magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland
Foxi Roxi Devyn Adalie Televison Slash's Graveyard Tales (Monster Channel)
Fractured ? Internet Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt (The Vortexx) (Youtube)
Franics D. Pickles Brian Blair Television Scarevania's Freakhouse Flicks
Frank Allen Christopher Television The Frank and Drac Show (WOIO-TV)
Frank Kruisenkowski Frank Kruisenkowski Television Monsterpiece Theatre (WLEX)
Frank, The Floating Head Frank Leto Television Frank's House of Horror Movies (KOLO-TV)
Zomboo's House of Horror Movies (KOLO-TV)
Frankenstein Dan Reed Television Tales of Terror (KRCG-TV)
Frankenstein Jeff Pope Movie Horror Host
Frankenstein Jess Sherman Television Museum of Horrors (KXAS-TV)
Frankenstein Jody Dean Television Museum of Horrors (KXAS-TV)
Frankie Paul Herlinger Television Nightmare Theater (KTNT-TV)
Franklin ? Television Shock Theater (WRVA-TV)
Frantic Freddy the Hipster ? Television Shock Theater (WSIX-TV)
Freakshow Rich Peterson Television Bordello of Horror
Fred Ascare ? Television Spookaroonies (WJTS-UPN)
Frezzer Mortis John Lauritzen Internet Formerly Crappics (The Vortexx)
Fritz III Eric Forster Television The It's Alive Show (WBGN-TV)
Fritz Jess Sherman Direct To Video CreepTales
Fritz Fry ? Internet House of Jitters
Fritz Strauss ? Internet Putrid TV
Fritz the Nite Owl Frederick C. Peerenboom Television Double Chiller Theatre (WBNS-TV)
Nite Owl Theatre (WCLS-TV)
Nite Owl Theatre (WCLL-TV)

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