13 Lisa Bark Television Horror Incorporated (KSTC-TV)
13 Sasha Walloch Television Horror Incorporated (KSTC-TV)
2B Marc Nordstrom Television Hel on Ice (Cable Access)
3-D Danny Ed Scott Television The Adventures of 3-D Danny (WTVT)
? ? Television Horrible Movie (WAPT-TV)
? ? Radio Nightfall
? ? Radio Out of the Night
? ? Television Shock Theater (WTPO-TV)
? Adam Keefe Television Fright Night Theatre (WKBW)
? Alec Gibson Television ? (WTVJ)
? Chris Wedes Television Science Fiction Theatre (WMIN)
? Chuck Zink Television ? (WTVJ)
? Donald F. Glut Direct-To-DVD ?
? Eddie Driscoll Television Outer Limits (WLBZ-TV)
? Eddie Driscoll Television Weird II (WLBZ-TV)
? George Byram Television ? (KBTV-TV)
? Jeffery Bonds Radio Mystery Playhouse
? Jim Ross Television Shock Theater (KGUL-TV)
? Peter Lorre Radio Mystery Playhouse
? Sterling Brewer Television The Unknown (WAPI-TV)
? Tommy Reynolds Television Science Fiction Theater (WTVC)
? Vicki McKee Television Shock Theatre (WVEC-TV)

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