Gar The Ghoul Gar Thaddeus Gernstein Television Horrible Horror
Gargoyle Jeffrey Boggs Television The Late Night Horror Show with Count Norlock (KSPR-TV)
Garoro ? Television Garoro's Theatre of Horrors
Garou Dreadful Magoo Gelehrter Television Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers (Cable)
Gaylord Fred Briggs Television Shockwatch (WSAZ-TV)
George A. Romero George A. Romero Television Chiller Theater, One More Time (WPXI-TV)
George A. Romero George A. Romero Television Deadtime Stories: Volume 1
Deadtime Stories: Volume 2
George Chastain George Chastain Internet/Web Site E-gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts
George Tiki George Charbeneau Television The Sir Graveson Show
Sir Graveson Presents
George Walsh (Announcer) George Walsh Radio The Man In Black
Georgette the Fudgemaker Bonnie Sue Barney Television Chiller Theater (WIIC-TV)
A Chiller Theater Reunion (WPXI-TV)
Ghost ? Internet The Graveyard Theater
Ghost Host George A. Lewis Television Ghost Host Theatre (WBFF-TV)
Ghost Host Theatre ? (WPTT)
Ghoulardi Ernie Anderson Television Shock Theater (WJW-TV)
Masterpiece Theater (WJW-TV)
Laurel, Ghoulardi, and Hardy (WJW-TV)
Ghoulda Geri Roberts (nee Chronowit) Television Shock Theater (WRVA-TV)
Ghouleena ? Internet Ghouleena's Film Fangtastic
Ghoulguy Phil E. Peirson Internet Ghoulguy's Horror Drive-In Theatre
Ghoulia Shirl Vloedman Selman Television ? (KOLD-TV)
Ghoulita Lietta Harvey Television Jeepers' Creepers Theater (KCOP-TV)
Gil Gerard Gil Gerard Television Monsters, Madmen & Machines: 80 Years of Science Fiction
Gilbert Gottfried Gilbert Gottfried Television USA Up All Night/Up All Night (USA Network)
Gillgrappler ? Television Wild Thingdom (Monster Channel)
Gizmo Pipistrello ? Internet Cinema Fright (YouTube)
Go Go Gorilla Steve Czapiewski Television Sir Graveson Presents
God Ferdy Mayne Television Night Train To Terror
Goolya Shirl Vloedman Selman Television Classic Nightmares (KGUN-TV)
Gordon the Gorilla Amy Graham Television Horror Incorporated (KSTC-TV)
Gordon the Gorilla Diane Wong Television Horror Incorporated (KSTC-TV)
Gordon the Gorilla Katie Shoemaker Television Horror Incorporated (KSTC-TV)
Gordon the Gorilla Kristianne Seelye Television Horror Incorporated (KSTC-TV)
Gordon the Gorilla Molly Ibister Television Horror Incorporated (KSTC-TV)
Gordon the Gorilla Natalie Wass Television Horror Incorporated (KSTC-TV)
Gore The Guard Tim Baxter Television M.T. Graves Presents (WKID-TV)
Gorenard The Beerbarian Michael C. Laney Internet/Television The Golden Horde
Gorgon the Gruesome Bill Camfield Television Nightmare (KFJZ-TV)
Mystery Matinee (KFJZ-TV)
Nightmare Halloween special (KFJZ-TV)
Nightmare (KTVT-TV)
Nightmare (KTVT-TV)
Nightmare Halloween Spectacular (KTVT-TV)
Nightmare Halloween Special (KTVT-TV)
Gorilla 3 Brett Donnelly Television The Sir Graveson Show
Goro Stan Hunter Television Suspense Theater (WTVF)
Goth Girl Six ? Television Doctor Morbius' Movie Mausoleum
Grampa Al Lewis Direct to Video/Television Grampa's Monster Movies
Grampa's More Silly Scaries
Grampa Presents
Grampa's Sci-Fi Hits
Grampa's Silly Scaries
Super Scary Saturday (TBS Superstation)
Grampa Larry ? Television Demented Drive In Theatre (Charter Communications)
Grandfather Peter Falk Movie The Princess Bride
Grandpa Fred ? (Robert Prosky) Movie Grandpa Fred's House of Horror
(Gremlins 2: The New Batch)
Grandson Tim Zevi Wolmark Television Super Scary Saturday (TBS Superstation)
Granny Gruesome ? Television Shock Theater (WSIX-TV)
Granny Gruesome ? Television Shock!/Theatre (WBAL-TV)
Grave Charles Braden Television Dr. Destruction's Crimson Theatre (Time-Warner Cable)
Gravely MacCabre Ricky Dick Television Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (HSTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (CSMTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (RTN)
Gravely MacCabre Ricky Dick Television/Live Fright Night Friday (CUTV)
Graves Tom Hamper Television Horror, Inc. (KSTP-TV)
Graves Daddy ? Television Horror Incorporated (KSTP-TV)
Gray A Skull ? Television Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics (Kenosha TV)
Great Uncle Polar ? Television Shock Theater (Cable Channel 6)
Greg The Hunchback Spencer Tilley Internet The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
Gregore Gregg Dunn Television Creature Feature (KMTV)
Gregory Grave Harvey Brunswick Television Shock! (KMBC-TV)
Chiller (KMBC-TV)
Gregory the Graveyard Walker (voice) ? Television Frightening Flickers (WHEC)
Greivsley Ravenhearse ? Haunted House The Ravenhearse Family Classic Haunt
Grenadine Karie Nora (Hambrick) Television Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive-in (WMYD TV)
Grim ? Internet Late Night With Uncle Fright
Grimesly Mortem Grimesly Mortem Television Mad Monster Cinema
Grimm Grimm Comic Grimm's Ghost Stories
Grimm Mike Patton Internet Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt (The Vortexx) (Youtube)
Grimm Gori James Harmon Television The Daughter of the Ghoul Show (WCTV)
The Mummy and The Monkey
Grimsley Robert Foster Television Fright Night (KHJ-TV)
Halloween Special
Grisly Gus Andrew Clyde (aka Clyde Brown) Television Cartoon Roundup
Grizelda MacCabre Karen Schnaubelt Turner Dick Television Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (HSTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (CSMTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (RTN)
Groaner Diane Mela Television The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck (ABMI Cable )
Gruesome Graves Rob Graves Television The Haunted Hotel (Comcast Channel 57 and FIOS Channel 27)
Grugor Bill Bass Television Thrill Theatre (KMEG-TV 14)
Gunga Jim ? Television Gunga's Drive-In
Gunter Dedmund Joel Sanderson Television The Basement Sublet of Horror
Gunther Lawrence J. Block Internet Me Gunther Horror Show (Youtube)
Gypsy J. Elvis Weinstein Television Mystery Science Theater 3000

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