J Bone Jason Hall Podcast Bad Juju and J Bone Presents...
Jack ? Television The It's Alive Show (WBGN-TV)
Jack Rick Ford Television The Canned Film Festival (WWOR-TV)
Jack La Rue (Announcer) (Announcer) Jack La Rue Television Lights Out
Jack Palance (Host) Jack Palance (Host) Television Special Monster Mania
Jack Shadow Bryan Hogue Television Chiller Night Theater
Jack Shadow's Chiller Night Presents
Sleepy Hollow Theater
Jack The Cockatoo Erik Sprowls Television Dead and Buried Treasure
Jackie Blood Jackie Blood Internet Jackie Blood's Spooky Hardcore
Jacob Harker Rob Kellum Internet Devilla's Midnight Movie Mortuary
Jacques Strahp Daniel Waltz Television The Basement of Baron Morbid (Kalamazoo Public Media Network)
Jake ? Television eXtempore Files
James Coburn (host) James Coburn Television Darkroom
James Earl Jones James Earl Jones Movie Twilight Zone: Rod Serling's Lost Classics
Jami Deadly Jami Deadly Television Deadly Cinema (NTTV)
Jane Blonde ? Television Doctor Mongo's Midnight Movie
Doctor Mongo's Sci-Fi Cinema (WNAC)
Janet Summer Moran Television Stan, The Mechanic
Janet Decay Janet Jay Television The Daughter of the Ghoul Show (WCTV)
Janet Decay's Rotten Reels
The Mummy and The Monkey
JD Donake Jonathan Hart Television Mutagen Nation
JD, The Meatman Eric Shornborn Televsion Baron Von Porkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre
Jeaux-Jeaux The Wolf Boy ? Television The It's Alive Show (WBGN-TV)
Jebediah Buzzard Shane Boyde Steddum Television Fright Time Funhouse (CAT-TV)
Jeepers Bob Guy Television Jeepers Creepers Theatre (KCOP-TV)
Jeepers' Keeper Fred Stuthman Television Jeepers Creepers Theatre (KCOP-TV)
Jeeves ? Television Shock Theater (WRVA-TV)
Jeffrey Bonds Jeffrey Bonds Radio Mystery Playhouse
Jenkins Alex Fuhrmann Television Deadly Cinema (NTTV)
Jenkins, The Pigman Gary Wolf Televsion Baron Von Porkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre
Jenkins, The Pigman Matt Brassfield Televsion Baron Von Porkchop's Terrifying Tales of the Macabre
Jerry G. Bishop (Announcer) Jerry G. Bishop Televsion Son of Svengoolie
Jerry Krumbholz (Narrator) Jerry Krumbholz Television 3-D Danny (WTVT)
Jerry Only Jerry Caiafa Direct-To-Video Chiller Theatre
Jerry Van Helsing Steven Moore Television Transylvania Tonight (The Monster Channel)
Jessica Mortem Jessica Mortem Television Mad Monster Cinema
Jiangshi David Black Internet The Worldwide Television and Radio Horror Host Hall of Fame
Jim Barton (Announcer) Jim Barton Televsion Son of Svengoolie (WFLD)
Svengoolie (WFLD)
Jim Cooke Jim Cooke Television The Late, Great Horror Show (WJET-TV)
The Just Right for Late Night Horror Show (WJET-TV)
Jim Corey Jim Corey Television Graveyard Theatre (aka Graveyard Cinema)(WYIN)
Graveyard Theater (TCI Cable)
Jim Wise (announcer) Jim Wise Television Horror, Inc. (KSTP-TV)
Jinx Jeffrey Zuchowski Television Howling Horror Theatre
Joan Crawford Joan Crawford Tele-Movie Journey to Murder
Joan Crawford Joan Crawford Tele-Movie Journey to the Unknown
Joan E. Cleaver Jeanne Dietrick Television Meet Cleaver Theatre (Time Warner Cable Channels)
Joe Alston (Announcer) Joe Alston Television Project Terror (KENS-TV)
Joe Alston (Host) Joe Alston Television Shock Theater (KENS-TV)
Five Star Shock (KENS-TV)
Joe Bob Briggs John Bloom Movie/Television Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater (The Movie Channel)
MonsterVision (TNT)
Joe Bob's Haunted Drive-In
The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs
Joe Bob Saves Christmas
Joe Bob Jr. Bob Wokas Internet Ghoulguy's Horror Drive-In Theatre
Joe Flaherty (Host) Joe Flaherty Television Really Weird Tales
Joe Flynn Joe Flynn Television The Joe Flynn Show
Joe Fright ? Television Saturday Night Fright (Time-Warner Cable)
Joe Munn Joseph Munn Television Shock (WFRV)
Joe Salazar Joe Salazar Television Shock Theatre/Shock Theater/Shock! (KTLA)
Joe Woodrow Oaken III (Woody) ? Internet/Television/Theatre Atomic Age Cinema!
Jib Jab
Dark Carnival Film Fest and Horrorhound Magazine Halloween Special
Joel Robinson Joel Hodgson Television Mystery Science Theater 3000
John Carradine John Carradine Television
Haunted Hollywood (WPXI)
Gallery of Horror
John Dehner (Narrator) John Dehner Movie Dead of Night
John Dickinson (host) John Dickinson Television Monster Rally Movie (WSNS-TV)
John Kassir (Announcer) John Kassir Television Heartstoppers: Horror At The Movies
John Newland John Newland Television One Step Beyond
John Norman John Norman Radio Nightmare
John Stanley John Stanley Television and direct to video Creature Features (KTVU-TV)
I Was a TV Horror Host
The Bob Wilkins Super Horror Show
Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong!
Johnnie 13 Johnnie Howard Internet Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors
Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors: A Leech Named Bassant
Johnny Donut ? Television The Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting (KOTV-TV) & (KTUL-TV)
Johnny Legend Martin Margulies Direct-To-DVD The Vampire Chronicles
Johnny Necropolis ? Internet Echos of Classic Horror Television (Youtube)
Holiday Traditions (Youtube)
Necrop-O-Mercial (Youtube)
The Movie Mausoleum (Youtube)
The Necrop-O-Lounge (Youtube)
Johnny Nightmare John Robinson Television Creep Theater (?)
Jolly Rogers J.D. Fugate Direct to DVD Hell's Drive-In (DVD)
Jonathan ? Television Nightmare Theater (WSLS)
Jordan Peele Jordan Peele Television The Twilight Zone
Josef Peter Hardt Josef Peter Hardt Television Fantastic Theater (KVOO-TV )
Joseph ? Television Shock Theatre (WESH-TV 2)
Joseph Kearns (Announcer) Joseph Kearns Radio The Man In Black
Josh Josha John Miller Movie The Willies
J.R. Ghul J.R. Ghul Television Bloodshot Theatre (San Antonio Public Access)
Blood Theatre Animated
Juke Suha James (Jim) Smith Television eXtempore Files
Julian White Vincent Price Movie From A Whisper To A Scream
Julio Diaz
(Curator of the Merrill Movie Museum)
Julio Diaz Television Nightmare Theatre (WUWF-TV)
Jungle Bob ? Televsion Son of Ghoul Show
Junkyard John John Roberts Television Dumpsterpiece Theatre (KPAL-TV)

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