Daffodil ? Live Mr. Moribund's Theatre of Terror
Daioshi Cou Cou Grace Liu Internet The Worldwide Television and Radio Horror Host Hall of Fame
Dale Kay Dale Kowalski Television
Kreepy Kastle
Dalya, Mistress of The Munkee Porcelain Dalya Direct-To-DVD Darling Pet Munkee Presents:
Creature Double Feature
Damron Hoggins ? Direct-to-DVD Stink-O-Rama (Direct-to-DVD)
Dan Dan Brenner Television Snicker Theater (WNBC-TV)
Dan-Dan Gilbert Austin Television Professor Griffin's Midnight Shadow Show
Dan D. Dynamo Danny Williams Television The Adventures of 3-D Danny (WKY-TV)
Danvers John Benjamin Faust Television Demented Features
Darcy, The Mail Girl Diana Prince Movie/Television Joe Bob's Haunted Drive-In
The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs
Joe Bob Saves Christmas
Darcinia, The Duchess of Darkness ? Television Dungeon of Dramas
Dario Wolfgang Eville Darrius Parker Internet/Television The Dario Eville Show
Darrius Parker's Nightmare of Screams
Dario Eville's Mausoleum of Terror
Dark Shadow J.R. Ghul Television Bloodshot Theatre (San Antonio Public Access)
Darkest Jack Jack Ritchie Radio
Darkest Radio
The Darkest Hours
Darling ? Television Shock Theater (WRVA-TV)
Dave Binkley Dave Binkley Television The Weirdness Really Bad Movie (The Monster Channel)
Dave Crabtree Dave Crabtree Television Hott Sinema (Coaxial Communication Cable Channels 7 and 36)
Dave Dunlap (Artist) Dave Dunlap Internet Dunlap Art
Davey Horror David A. Parietti Television Davey Horror Show (Public Access Channel)
David Munro David Munro Television Meadowlands Showcase - Creepy Tales (Public Access)
David Shurmer David Shurmer Television The Midnight Movie
David The Colossus ? Television David The Colossus
Davis David Hoffman Movie Flesh and Fantasy
Davy Bones
Erik Sprowls Television Dead and Buried Treasure
Dilynn Fawn Harvey Direct To DVD Fuzzy Monkey Films
Dead Earnest Bob Chesson Television ? (WRET-TV)
Friday Night Frights (WTCG-TV)
Dead Earnest Larry Sprinkle Television ? (WRET-TV)
Dead Lou Dead Lou Television Monster Creature Feature (Time Warner Cable)
Dead McMahon ? Television Zombie Resurrection Theatre (Channel 8) & (Channel 74)
Dead McMaim ? Radio
Darkest Radio
The Darkest Hours
Dead Ridinghood Natalie Chambers Television Fright Night Theater
Deadgar Winter Curt Meyer Television Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics (Kenosha TV)
Deadhead Daddy D Michael Reardon Internet
Deadhead Daddy's Creepy Things
Deadhead Daddy's Haunted Archives
The Weird World of Deadhead Daddy
Deadly Dan ? Televsion The Chuckles and Laughs Show
Deadly - bone friend Deadly - bone friend Television Beware Theater
Deadly Nightshade Shade Burnett Internet The Underground Lounge
Dean F. Keene David Hussey Movie Things II
Dear Joy Bennett Television Shock Theatre (WBKB-TV)
Death ? Televsion Susie D. Rott's Warehouse of Terror (The Monster Channel)
Deliria Heather Rows Television Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (HSTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (CSMTV)
Castle Blood Midnight Monster Hop (RTN)
Demona Krista Noelle Segars Direct-To-DVD Killer Shorts 2
Demonica Rachel Foley Television Graveyard Theatre (aka Graveyard Cinema)(WYIN)
Graveyard Theater (TCI Cable)
Demonika (an Altargirl) ? Televsion The Midnight Massacre Theatre (Vegas 35 KVTE)
Denny Denny Television The Midnight Movie
Der Sturmer Dolf Strauss Internet Putrid TV
Destiny Roy Lamont Television Shock Theater (WRVA-TV)
Devilla Kim Demetriades Internet Devilla's Midnight Movie Mortuary
Dezi Sanchez Eric Peddy Internet The Hallow Ian Horror Hour
Diane Zerby Diane Zerby Television The Midnight Movie
Dick ? Television The It's Alive Show (WBGN-TV)
Dick Nitelinger Richard Golembiewski Internet Milwaukee TV Horror Hosts
Dicky The Bomber ? Television Dicky The Bomber's Bedtime Bombs
Dick Von Hoene (Announcer) Dick Von Hoene Television Creature Feature (WXIX)
Shock It To Me (WXIX)
Dingbat Dan East Television Shock Theatre (WTVC)
Shock Theatre (WDEF)
Shock Theatre (WHNT-TV)
Dingbat Dare McCullough Television Shock Theatre
Dirge Teddy Whitrtenbarger Television Shock Theatre
Dirk Boozler Mike Huberty Television Bordello of Horror
Dirty Gurdy Dana Mession-Canage Television Dead and Buried Treasure
Ditsy Daphne ? Television Bordello of Horror
Doakes Robert Benchley Movie Flesh and Fantasy
Dobbs The Wee ? Direct-to-DVD Stink-O-Rama (Direct-to-DVD)
Doc Jefferson Stone Internet The Crazyman Show
Doc Mock Roger Barr Television Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum
Doc Tor Culprit Calamari ? Internet/Television/Theatre Atomic Age Cinema!
Jib Jab
Dark Carnival Film Fest and Horrorhound Magazine Halloween Special
Docta Zombo Norman Yates Internet Docta Zombos World
Doctor J. Morbius Moreau ? Television Chiller Theater (WLUK-TV)
Ned the Dead's Demented Drive-in (WACY)
Chiller Theater (N.E.W.) & (Time-Warner Cable)
Chiller Theater (WACY)
The Ned the Dead Show (WACY)
Doctor Necro Michael C. Parks Television Parallel Dimensions
Doctor Xombie Roger Boyes Television Doctor Xombie Presents
Doktor Goulfinger Michael Monahan Television The Hip Crypt of Doktor Goulfinger (Berkeley Community Media B-TV)
Doktor Sick ? Television The Doktor Sick Program (The Vortexx)
Doktor Spider Josh Sterling Heimbold Internet Putrid TV
Doktor Tom B. Stone Rodney Budell Television Spookaroonies (WJTS-UPN)
Doldrum ? Televsion The Doldrum (WTTG 5)
Domino Juan Carlos Gallo Television Bizarre Transmissions from the Bermuda Triangle
Dommiana (an Altargirl) Olivia Rose Televsion The Midnight Massacre Theatre (Vegas 35 KVTE)
Don Kennedy Don Kennedy Television The Shock Show (WSB-TV)
Don Raymond Don Raymond Television Acri Creature Feature (WQAD), (WEEK-TV), (KLJB-TV / KLJB-DT)
Donald Pleasence (Host) Donald Pleasence Movie Terror In The Aisles
Donny Kenneth Weinert Television Hypnotic Eye
Doris Kathryn Rossetter Television The Canned Film Festival (WWOR-TV)
Doug Doug Television The Midnight Movie
Doug Graves Doug Scharf Televsion Son of Svengoolie (WFLD)
Svengoolie (WFLD)
Doug Paul (Announcer) Doug Paul Television Shocktober (WPIX-TV)
Doyle Paul Caiafa Direct-To-Video Chiller Theatre
Dr. Acula Jay Robert Jennings Television Dr. Acula (Cable public access)
Dr. Acula's Halloween 1990 (Cable public access)
Dr. Acula Jason Alan Cook Internet Devilla's Midnight Movie Mortuary
Dr. Alexander Morgus Sidney Noel Rideau Movie
The Wacky World of Dr. Alexander Morgus
House of Shock (WWL-TV)
Morgus and the Weather (WJBK-TV)
Morgus Presents (WJBK-TV)
Morgus Presents (WXYZ-TV)
Morgus Presents (WWL-TV)
Morgus Presents (WDSU-TV) Morgus Presents (WGNO-TV)
Morgus Presents (WVUE-TV)
Morgus Presents (Cox Cable)
Dr. Atomic Jeremy Savage Television Dr. Atomic(WHCT)
Dr. Bela Zarbo Marvin Wheatley Television Wide Scream Theatre (KIII)
Dr. Bob Tesla ? Live Theatre Midnight Monster Movies
Dr. Boo Terry V. Johnson Television Boo! Theatre (KFSA-TV)
Dr. Boobenstein
Rebecca Rinehart Internet
Direct To DVD
Dr. Boobenstein's Thanksgoween Special!
Fuzzy Monkey Films
Dr. Brain Lee Kleinpeter, Jr. Television Theatre of the Mind (KLFY-TV)
Dr. Cadaver John Melillo Television Dr. Cadaver's Monster Horror Theatre (WTWN)
Dr. Cadaverino Jack DuBlon Television Dr. Cadaverino's Halloween Special (WITI)
Farewell Nightmare Theatre (WITI)
Nightmare Theatre (aka The Late Show) (WITI)
Nightmare Theatre (aka The Late, Late Show) (WITI)
Dr. Choke Throttle Marvin Gardens Televsion Horrible Movie (WAPT-TV)
Dr. Clayton Forrester Trace Beaulieu Television Mystery Science Theater 3000
Dr. Coate Kevin Gouldthorpe Television Demented Features
Dr. Cocoui ? Internet Demented Features
Dr. Creep Barry Hobart Television & Live Saturday Night Dead (WKEF-TV)
Science Shock Theatre (?)
Shock Theater (DATV)
Shock Theatre (?)
Dr. Creep Jr. Lonnie Ray Lynch - -
Dr. Dark Justin Thomas Ord Television After Dark Theater
Dr. Darkhours Dale Streble Live Dr. Darkhours
Dr. Death Ted Knight Television Milkman Movies (WJAR-TV)
Dr. Diablo Dan Riss Television Terror! Theatre (KCOP)
Dr. Distortion ? Television ?
Dr. Dorian Destruction Dale Wamboldt Television Dr. Destruction's Crimson Theatre (Time-Warner Cable)
Dr. Dread J. Murray Television Dr. Dread Reviews (Chop Block TV)
Dr. Dreck Michael Legge Television The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck (ABMI Cable )
Dr. E. Nick Witty Alan Milair Television Monster Movie Matinee (WSYR)
Chamber 13 - Tales of Horror (Cable Channel)
Monster Mansion Memories
Dr. Evil Philip Morris Television Dr. Evil's Horror Theatre (WBT)
? (WTBS)
Dr. Fearless David Dastmalchian Internet The Doctor Fearless Show
Dr. Feeleystein Jim Feeley Television/Radio Shock Theater (WISN-TV)
Shock Theater Double Feature (WISN-TV)
Dr. Freak Henrique Couto Television Cult Theater (Miami Valley Cable Council)
Dayton's Scare-A-Thon
Ghastlee and the Horror Host Underground (DATV)
Horror Host Underground Network
Dr. Fredrick Palance Barrymoord Mark Pinchney Internet/Radio The Igorro Show (Internet) (Radio)
Dr. Fright ? Television The Creepy Theatre (Public Access Channel)
Dr. Gangrene Larry Underwood Television Chiller Cinema (Cable public access Channel 3)
Chiller Cinema (Cable public access Channel 19)
Dr. Gangrene's Chiller Cinema (WUXP-TV,)
The Mad Movie of the Week (Cable public access Channel 19)
The WB58 Creature Feature, featuring Dr. Gangrene (WNAB-TV)
Dr. Ghoulman Fred Oliver Mills Jr. Television Shock Theater (KPAC-TV)
Dr. Gruesome Mark Bartholomew Television Dr. Gruesome's Movie Morgue (WRLH-TV)
Dr. Gruesome's Movie Morgue (BLAB-TV)
Dr. Gruesome's Movie Morgue (WRLH-TV)
Dr. Horrific Jeff Ammon - -
Dr. Ignatius Faust Fear II Brian Young Television Dr. Fear's Friday Fright Show (Pegasys Community Television)
The Mysterious Lab of Dr. Fear (Pegasys Community Television)
Dr. Ignatius Speculo Ben Armstrong Television Tales from 6 Feet Under (WCTV)
Dr. Igor Gene Edwards Television Chiller Theater (WQAD)
Chiller Theater (KCTO)
Dr. Ivan Cryptosis ? Television Kooky Spooky Theatre
Dr. Jitters John Whisler Internet House of Jitters
Dr. Lady David Lady Television The Late Dr. Lady Show
Dr. Laurence Erhardt J. Elvis Weinstein Television Mystery Science Theater 3000
Dr. Leon Redfield Richard Dix Internet The After Dark Happy Hour Show
Dr. Lucifer Richard Dix Television Shock!/Shock Theatre (WBAL-TV)
Dr. Lucifur Ken Bramming Television Creature Feature (WSM-TV)
Mystic Circle (WMCV-TV)
Shock Theater (WSIX-TV)
Shock Theater (WKRN-TV)
Dr. Macabre Herb Taylor Television Shock Theatre (KDAL)
Dr. Madd David K. Waters Internet Mistress Peace Theatre
Dr. Mal Practice ? Television Doctor Mongo's Midnight Movie
Doctor Mongo's Sci-Fi Cinema (WNAC)
Dr. Maniac Don Melvoin Television Count Zappula's Horror House (WGTU-TV), (WGTQ-TV)
Dr. Maximillian Madblood Jerry Harrell Television Dr. Madblood's Movie (WAVY-TV)
Dr. Madblood's Nightvisions (WHRO)
Dr. Madblood's Halloween Howl (WAVY-TV)
Dr. Madblood's Halloween Film Festival (WAVY-TV)
Dr. Madblood's Movie (WTVZ-TV)
Dr. Madblood's Movie (WTVZ-TV)
Dr. Madblood Presents The Friday Night Frights (WSKY-TV)
Dr. Madblood Presents (WSKY-TV)
Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi Gailard Sartain Television The Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting (KOTV-TV) & (KTUL-TV)
Dr. Mel Praxis Keenan Powell Television Movie Madness (OPA Time-Warner)
Dr. Meridian ? Television Shock (WPTA-TV)
Dr. Mongo ? Television Doctor Mongo's Midnight Movie
Doctor Mongo's Sci-Fi Cinema (WNAC)
Dr. Montag Dave Deacon Television Remo D.'s Manor of Mayhem (Cable)
Dr. Mortose Todd DeGroot Television Dr. Mortose Commands
Dr. Mor B.S. Douglas Newman Television The Dr. Mor B.S. Animated Show
Dr. Mor B.S. Mark Newman Television The Dr. Mor B.S. Show (DCTV)
The Dr. Mor B.S. Show (Access Fort Wayne)
Dr. Morbius Bruce F. Gantenbein
(Bruk Gant)
Saturday Nightmare (KCRG)
The Bad Sanctum (short film)
Dr. Morbius Richard A. Becker Television Doctor Morbius' Movie Mausoleum
Dr. Morgus Sidney Noel Rideau Movie
The Wacky World of Dr. Morgus
House of Shock (WWL-TV)
Morgus and the Weather (WJBK-TV)
Morgus Presents (WJBK-TV)
Morgus Presents (WXYZ-TV)
Morgus Presents (WWL-TV)
Morgus Presents (WDSU-TV) Morgus Presents (WGNO-TV)
Morgus Presents (WVUE-TV)
Morgus Presents (Cox Cable)
Dr. Necropolis Nathan Shelton Internet The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
Dr. Paul Bearer Dick Bennick Television Creature Feature (WTOG-TV)
Fright Theatre (WTOG-TV)
Horror, Inc. (KSTP-TV)
Saturday Night Frights (WTOG-TV)
Shock Theatre (WGHP-TV)
Dr. Paul Bearer II Richard Koon Television Tombstone Tales (WTOG-TV)
Dr. Phil O'Dendron Bill Flint Television Madd Frank Presents (KVRR-TV)
Madd Frank Presents Madd Frank
Dr. Pureblood Dale Watson Television Tales From The Graveyard Shift (WERW-TV)
Dr. Rabies Arthur DeLuca Television Doctor Rabies' Mad Movies Experimentorium (Comcast Cable System)
Dr. Rudolph Von Shtick Gene Moss Televsion The Shrimpenstein Show (KTLA) & (KHJ)
Dr. San Guinary John Jones Television Creature Feature (KMTV)
Dr. San Guinary Christopher Palmer Television Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature
Dr. Santoro ? Internet Voodoo Theater (WMZE-TV)
Dr. Sarcofiguy John Dimes Television The Spooky Movie (Falls Church Cable)
Spooky Movie Television
Dr. Scar Jack Jacobson Television Big 9 Chiller (KGUN-TV)
Science Fiction Theater(KGUN-TV)
Dr. Schuylkill Glenn Davish Televsion Saturday Night Dead (KYW-TV)
Dr. Shock ? Television Shock Theatre (KTBS)
Dr. Shock Douglas G. Agosti Television/Direct to DVD Dr. Shock's X-Ray Chiller Theatre (WUPW-TV)
Dr. Shock's Tales of Terror
Dr. Shock's Grindhouse Horrors
Dr. Shock John Gray Television Shock Theatre
Dr. Shock Joseph Zawislak Television Creature Features (WPHL-TV)
Horror Theater (WPHL-TV)
Mad Theater (WPHL-TV)
Dr. Shock Ray Spruell Television Shock (WRBT)
Dr. Shock Tommy Reynolds Television Science Fiction Theater (WTVC)
Shock Theatre (WTVC)
Shock Theatre (WDEF)
Shock Theatre (WHNT-TV)
Dr. Shocker/Doctor Shocker Daniel Roebuck Movie/Stage/Television Halloween: The Happy Haunting of America
Monsterama: A Tribute to Horror Hosts
Dr. Shocker's Vault of Horror
Dr. Shocker's Halloween Spooktacular
Dr. Shroud ? Television Meet Dr. Shroud
Dr. Sigmund Zoid ? Internet Alternative Realities TV (The Vortexx)
Dr. Sludge Patrick Bauley Television Slime Theatre (WVIR-TV)
Dr. Svoroff J.J. Orbany Television Howling Horror Theatre
Dr. Tarr Shawn Kennedy Internet Tarr and Fether's Psycho Cinema
Dr. Terror Basil Ruysdael Movie Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
Dr. Terror Mike Cheever Television Dr. Terror's Tales of Terror (WAND-TV)
Nightwatch Presents Edgar Allan Poe (WAND-TV)
Dr. Tom B. Stone Steven R. Smith Television Saturday Nite Dead (KTSF-TV)
Dr. Valentine Steve Czapiewski Television Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive-in (WMYD TV)
Dr. Volapuk Ron Ross Television Nightmare Theater (KCPX / KTVX)
Dr. Wolfenstein Gregg Gibbs Movie Doctor Wolfenstein's Creature Feature Show (House of 1000 Corpses)
Dr. Wolfgang Von Schrecklich ? Television Nightmare Theater (WKBT)
Dr. X ? Radio Creeps By Night (KABC)
Dr. X Robin Shurtz Television Dr. X's Cinemondo (Time Warner Cable)
Dr. Z Zach Wager Television Uncle Eerie's Shiver Show!
Dr. Zekow Francisco Aguilar Television Dr Zekow Show (KGNS)
Dr. ZinGRR Robert O. Smith Television Dr. ZinGRR's Astral-Projections (KTVW-TV)
Dr. Zirkus Michael Baker Internet The Haunted Dungeon
Dr. Zombie Doug Graves Television Halloween Theater (Channel 8) & (Channel 74)
Zombie Resurrection Theatre (Channel 8) & (Channel 74)
Drac Robert Kokai Television The Frank and Drac Show (WOIO-TV)
Drac Robert Kokai Television Transylvania Tonight (The Monster Channel)
Dracmorda Boulet Dracmorda Boulet Radio (Podcast) Creatures of the Night
Draculeena ? Television Draculeena Presents(KVAR-TV 12)
Draculinda Liz Herring Television Nightmare (WRAL-TV)
Drake Drake Internet/Television Sicko-Psychotic (The Monster Channel)
Drana Badour the Swami Allen Harvey Television Murder Before Midnight
Drana Badour the Swami Art Hern Television Murder Before Midnight
Dricilla ? Television Deadgar's Dark Coffin Classics (Kenosha TV)
Drucilla Darkly Carmen Fullmer Internet Terror Night Theatre
Drusilla Comic The Vault of Horror
Duckboy Christopher Ormsby Television Ormsby's Cinema Insane
Dug Graves Doug Graves Radio The Dug Graves Radio Horror Show
Durwood The Dummy Jerry G. Bishop Televsion Screaming Yellow Theater
Durwood The Dummy Jerry G. Bishop Televsion Svengoolie (WCIU-TV)
Durwood The Dummy Rich Koz Televsion Svengoolie (WCIU-TV)
Dwight Richard Scrivani Direct-To-Video Dear Ygor

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